Frequently Asked Questions

Information on registration, payment, travel, lodging, courses and exams, and free time activities


How do I sign up for a course?

Select the course that is right for you and click the button “Dates & Registration.” You will receive a confirmation from us about signing up for the course. The course will take place as planned provided the minimum number of participants have enrolled in the course.

If you are planning on studying in Germany, make sure to find out the application deadlines first. After that, find a language course that fits with your schedule. Please take into account that getting a visa often takes a long time. Also, keep in mind that you may not pass the TestDaF or telc language tests right away. You may want to allot some time for retaking those exams.


Which course is right for me?

What is your goal?

  • Would you like to study in Germany, in German?
    Choose an Intensive Course. Step by step, you will get to the level C1 required for studying at university while preparing for the TestDaF or telc C1 Hochschule exams in an organized way. In class, you will also learn more about techniques and competences needed at university, such as giving presentations and strategies for reading, writing, and studying.
    Visit Study-in-Germany to find information about majors, requirements for admission, and visa requirements.
  • Have you learned German before and would now like to study or work?
    A Refresher Course is right for you. You will reactivate your knowledge of German, learn more about Germany today by discussing current political, economic, and socio-cultural issues, and prepare for your studies in the best way.
    Allow yourself enough time to get information about the recognition of foreign qualifications and visa requirements.
  • Would you like to use your semester break or vacation time to work on your German skills?
    An international Summer or Winter Course will be perfect for you. In 3.5 weeks of classes, you will meet other international students of German and work on your language skills at your level. Moreover, you will experience life in Germany and have the opportunity to travel some.
  • Do you prefer private lessons with a teacher to reach your academic or professional goals?
    Get Individual Lessons! Together with your teacher, determine your goals and work towards improving your skills.
  • Are you in your home country, but would still like to attend a course in Germany?
    You can do that by signing up for an Online Group Course!. At various levels, international learners of German meet up virtually to study German together despite the distance.
  • Is your goal taking an official TestDaF or telc exam?
    Choose the Exam Preparation Course! In small groups, you will discuss what the exams look like, train strategies for solving the reading, listening, and writing tasks, and practice the oral exam. Please take into account that the exam preparation is only useful if you have already studied and know German well at the exam’s level. The exam training is not a substitute for an Intensive Course.

What’s your language level?

All courses are labeled from A1-C2 according to the CEFRL categories (CEFRL stands for “Common European Framework of Reference for Languages”). If you would like to know more about each level, browse through our links at the bottom of the page or visit CEFRL Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. If you would like to test yourself and find out at which level you are at right now, use one of the Online Placement Tests.

How do I get a registration confirmation letter?

You pay the entire amount due for the course. Then we will send you a registration confirmation letter that states the course duration, a non-binding offer for subsequent courses, and the date of the final exam. You can use this document for your visa application.

Can I sign up for several courses?

Yes, you can also sign up for several courses when you register. In this way, you make sure you will get a spot in the subsequent course. If you pass the final exam (at least 70% in each part of the exam), you can continue your studies without delay.


May I sign up for courses even if I do not intend to study at university?

Yes, anyone who wants to intensively study German can attend our courses. The only exception are the evening classes during the semester: If you are not a student at MLU, you can only take those if there is room.


May I register as a guest auditor during the language course?

Registering as a guest auditor at MLU is only possible if you have applied with Uni-Assist as a student in Germany. Once you have done that, you can go to MLU’s Admission Office with your Uni-Assist application number and a certificate of attendance from our institute. Next, pay the semester fee and sign up for German health insurance.



How can I pay for language courses and exam fees?

After you have signed up, you will receive an invoice of the course and/ or exam fee. You can transfer the money to our institute either via bank transfer or by using PayPal.

May I pay the course fee in installments?

Yes. Contact us if you would like to divide the amount into up to 4 payments.


Are scholarships available for the summer courses?

Yes! For our international summer courses, you can apply directly with the DAAD for a university summer course grant. Just follow the link you will find at each course page. Scholarships are available for students at level B1 and up. Remember to allow some time to gather all information, and don’t forget to attach all required documents to your application with the DAAD.


Getting there

Can I book a transfer from the airport?

Yes, you can book an airport transfer for courses in Wittenberg and Halle. You will see all prices when you click “Dates & Registration.”

Can I get a student ticket for public transportation?

No, unfortunately, course participants are not eligible for reduced tickets. If you need a ticket, weekly are monthly tickets are the most affordable option. In Wittenberg, you can walk or bike almost anywhere.

How do I get to Lutherstadt Wittenberg?

Is your course going to take place in Wittenberg? Ideally, you will fly into Leipzig or Berlin. From there, you can easily take a train to Lutherstadt Wittenberg. That takes about an hour. You could also just take the train altogether, as Wittenberg is very well connected to many main routes.

How do I get to Halle (Saale)?

Is your course going to take place in Halle? Berlin or Leipzig are good airports to fly into. From Berlin, you can easily take a train to Halle. That takes about one to two hours. Leipzig is only a 30-minute train ride away. Otherwise, you can also take a bus or train to Halle directly.


How will I find a place to stay in Wittenberg?

In Wittenberg, you can choose between staying with a host family or in a shared apartment with other students. If you opt to stay with a host family, you will get breakfast and a typical German dinner. Moreover, you will experience daily life with a German family and get to try out your German on them. In a shared apartment, rooms are usually double rooms. You will have to cook for yourselves, but you get to stay with other international course participants.

How will I find a place to stay in Halle (Saale)?

During the summer courses in Halle, you can stay with a host family, who will provide breakfast and dinner and share their daily lives with you. It’s a great challenge for your German skills! Alternatively, you can look for accommodation on your own. Check “Downloads” on our website for a list of options. It’s easy to find a furnished room in a shared apartments with other students at “”. On this website, many students sublet their rooms. This way, you make new friends and practice your German every day. Apart from that, there are many other options here in Halle.



What does a typical week in an Intensive Course look like?

Usually, the language course takes place from Monday until Thursday from 8:30 a.m. to 12.45 a.m. Friday is selftstudy day.  A normal course week has 24 classes (45 min each). Twice per course is an individual feedback meeting with your langauge instructor scheduled. 
On some afternoons, our student assistants offer free time activities such as a guided tour through town, an afternoon of games, picknick in the park, a boat tour on the river, a night of going to bars together, etc.

Is there an exam at the end of the course?

Yes, after each course, there is an exam. If you are taking an intensive course, you will pass the exam if you get at least 70% in each part of the exam (reading, listening, writing, speaking). Why? To make sure that you have a good basis for the next language level. To study successfully, all four skills are equally important, and that is how we prepare for the exams.

Can I retake an exam?

The intensive courses end with an exam valid at the IDSK. If there is a part you did not pass, you can retake it the next time the exam is offered, usually ten weeks later. Retaking an exam does not cost anything. Only after having completed the Intensive Course C1 will you take an official exam (TestDaF or telc C1 Hochschule). This exam can be retaken as often as you like whenever it is offered.


Where do I find information about studying in Germany?

Find some helpful links here:


Can I attach my B1 or B2 certificate from IDSK to my Uni-Assist application?

Yes, our intensive courses meet the requirements in terms of length and number of hours. The IDSK certificate lists results for each part of the exam separately.


What is TestDaF?

TestDaF is a German language exam for admission to university. You can take it on six dates each year. It is created by the TestDaF Institute in Bochum. The exam fee in Germany is 195€. You always get your result six weeks after the day of the exam. In general, you need TDN 4 in each part of the exam (reading, listening, writing, speaking). TDN 4 is equal to the level B2/C1. To pass this exam successfully, we recommend you take an Intensive Course at the C1 level, which includes exam training. Visit to find sample exams.

You can take the TestDaF test as a paper-based or as a computer-based exam. A well-organized preparation is important for each. Both the paper-based and the computer-based TestDaF test have to be taken in a test center.


How do I sign up for TestDaF?

If you attend a C1 Intensive Course that ends with a TestDaF exam, you automatically have a spot reserved to take the exam. During the class, we register you for the exam. If you only want to take the exam, you can go directly to the TestDaF website Choose as your test center our institute in Halle or Lutherstadt Wittenberg. In this case, payment is made directly to TestDaF. After the deadline for registration, it is not possible to cancel your booking.


How does a telc exam work?

telc exams are well-known among employers. Each test center determines when the exam will take place. Prices vary from level to level. In general, it takes the telc gGmbH in Frankfurt about three weeks to grade the exams. If you only passed one part of the exam (only the written/ only the oral part), you have twelve months to retake the other part. You will find all dates on our website, and you can register directly with us. Visit to see sample exams.


Free time

What can I do in Halle during my free time?

Halle is a well-known German university town with a ton of sights, parks, cafés, and places to chill along the river Saale. Here are some activities you can do in Halle:

  • Guided tours through town, meetings & conversations with international and German students
  • See museums (Haendel’s house, Beatles museum, chocolate museum)
  • Sports and a bike tour along the river Saale
  • Intercultural picknicks
  • BBQ in the evening, cooking together in the afternoon
  • Game nights
  • Pub-Crawl

Our student assistants have lots of great free time activities planned for you!


What can I do in Wittenberg during my free time?

Wittenberg is a delightful, typical German small town with many UNESCO World Heritage sites, parks and cafés, and places to relax along the river Elbe. Once you have seen all the important sights, such as the Castle Church, Luther’s house, or Cranach’s house, you can explore and relax in the small streets, stores, and restaurants. If you like walking, jogging, or biking, a bicycle trail along the river Elbe is a great trail for those outdoor activities. During the summer, there are lots of events: theater, open air movies, concerts, and town festivals, “Luther’s wedding” in June being perhaps the most famous one.

Not far from Wittenberg is the Woerlitz Park, another World Heritage site. A big historic park, a castle, and lots of cafés await you there, and if you want, you can spend the afternoon taking a gondola ride. Go on a fun bike ride or take a bus to get to the Woerlitz Park.

Our international volunteers and student assistants have lots of free time activities planned for you and accompany you on all field trips!