Campus Lutherstadt Wittenberg

Main Campus of the IDSK Since 1996

Campus Lutherstadt Wittenberg – Historical

The IDSK’s main campus has been in Luther’s town, Wittenberg, since it was founded in 1996. The old university, founded in 1502, houses the Leucorea Foundation today. Inside the historic building where the IDSK’s classrooms and offices are today, the reformer Martin Luther, the humanist Philipp Melanchthon, and other well-known scholars taught in the 16th century, making Wittenberg one of the most renowned university towns in all the German speaking areas. After Germany’s reunification, the old university building was renovated and turned into a modern conference center.

Campus Lutherstadt Wittenberg – International

In the old Alma Mater Leucorea, a number of research institutions connected to Martin Luther University in Halle are located today. You’ll also find a cafeteria, a library (currently being set up by the organization WortWerkWittenberg), and a lot of rooms for seminars or discussions. Each year from January to September, approximately 250 international students representing more than 30 countries attend various language and culture courses  or take part in one of our study abroad programs, contributing to a more international and intercultural feeling in Wittenberg.

Campus Lutherstadt Wittenberg – Worth a Visit

 4 UNESCO World Heritage Sites – that’s a lot of sites of historic value in one location! Take two steps out of the classroom and you’re right in the middle of the old town with its renaissance buildings, cafés and restaurants, quaint streets, and various cultural sites and activities: museums, concerts, and festivals.

Green parks, good bicycle trails, and the river Elbe are all just a few minutes away, inviting you to relax and enjoy. We make use of the great connection to public transportation when we take you on trips as part of the course, and you can take advantage of it during your free time and discover Germany’s capital Berlin, the up-and-coming city of Leipzig, or other interesting places in Germany by taking the fast InterCityExpress trains or regional trains.

As part of our free time program, you will visit local and regional sights such as the Bauhaus in Dessau, the UNESCO-World Heritage Site Gartenreich Woerlitz or the Industrial Monument Ferropolis.

Being well-connected, we are able to offer visits to companies, interviews with experts, and internship offers in all our courses and programs, enabling us to present Wittenberg and its surrounding area as a modern, open-minded place to our international guests.

Standort Lutherstadt Wittenberg – Hospitable

The students’ experience is completed by a host family stay. In many cases, our host families in Wittenberg have been opening their doors, families, and hearts for many years to make it possible for our course participants to get a fuller and richer impression of life in Germany.

Do you live in Wittenberg and could imagine having an international course participant stay with you? Find more information here.



Bildautor: Stefanie Rieger, Thomas Klitzsch, Gerlinde Gonszczyk