Campus Halle (Saale)

Since 2015, the IDSK has a second campus in the university town.

Second Campus in Halle (Saale)

Saale) since 2015. Here, German intensive courses that prepare participants for their time at university or a job in Germany take place throughout the year. Soon after the courses have ended, students can also take the necessary TestDaF oder telc exams right here on campus in Halle (Saale). Additionally, we offer evening courses for international Martin Luther University students where German skills can be expanded while studying.

Courses for businesses, DAAD University Summer Courses , individual lessons, and various online courses complete our array of courses.

The IDSK’s campus is in the center of town, within walking distance from the main square, and well-connected to public transportation.
people, are light and furnished with modern furniture, creating an atmosphere that is very conducive to learning while offering a fantastic view of the city. Spend your lunch break outdoors in the park right next door, and get some hot coffee to take on your walk close by. 


With its almost 240,000 inhabitants, Halle (Saale) is the biggest city in Saxony Anhalt. Together with ist neighboring city Leipzig, Halle is the center of the area of Central Germany with its focus on education, research, and innovation. Three universities draw more than 20,000 students into Handel’s birthplace. One of the oldest German universities is

Martin Luther University, where students can choose from 260 different programs and specialties. Another world-famous school is Burg Giebichenstein – University of Art and Design Halle and the Lutheran College of Church Music.
Fans of classical music know Halle as the birthplace of George Frideric Handel, the Baroque composer. He lived in Halle from 1685 to 1703 before emigrating to Great Britain, where he died in 1759. “Messiah” is one of his most famous pieces, and the Handel Festival takes place in his honour each year. To learn more, see the house where he was born close to the square.


Apart from a number of institutions promoting art and culture, the city has everything you need to live up the student life: bars, clubs, restaurants, movie theaters, sport clubs, and a lot of green areas along the river Saale where you can relax. Most things are close by and can easily be biked to.

Good and frequent train connections and two nearby airports, Halle/Leipzig and Berlin, make Halle an easy destination to get to and allow you to take hassle-free weekend trips.

Bildautor: Stefanie Rieger 

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